Beauty, Health & Oral Care

Our brands are synonymous with quality and performance and have achieved success in more than 24 countries.

We have a diverse range of 50+ products that deliver innovative solutions for a broad range of consumer healthcare needs.

We are thankful to our customers all around the world who continue to choose our line of products. We are committed to consistently delivering excellent products and a satisfying experience for each and every one of our customers.




Stella White

First to market in 2007

Stella White is one of the leading suppliers of Oral Care products online specializing in various forms of Teeth Whitening solutions for home use. Stella White work with dentists to create products for your teeth to look and feel great.

Growing Portfolio

Anticipating consumer needs

We are a dynamic company with an excitement for innovative products supported by proven track record and specialists.

Our knowledge of consumer needs is continuously increasing and for that reason we will keep expanding our portfolio.

Marina Doe
Lead designer
Jhon Doe
My Position In Company

+1 (877) 595 2598


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