Skin excellence and aesthetic perfection

Biovène is a Catalan cosmetics brand featuring a wide range of skincare, face and body treatments. Products made by Biovène are popular among a wide female consumer group desiring inexpensive alternatives to the most exclusive skin care solutions. The brand has become synonymous with safe and effective products created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women of any age.

Natural Beauty

Honoring consumers’ faith

Biovène believes in combining natural and premium ingredients when creating a perfect fusion of excellence, quality and creativity. Biovène produce best-selling products that have not been tested on animals, are user-friendly and manufactured without unnessesary ingredients such as colouring agents, parabens, mineral oils and silicone.

Serums & Face Masks

Keeping skin looking youthful

With an increasing demand for Serums and Face masks, the Biovène product lines deliver satisfaction in brand quality, product benefits, pricing and performance. Products such as Vitamin C Serum and Black Peel-Off Mask have become a must have in the weekly beauty regimen of many households.


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