Is a multifunctional product of (de)humidifier and air purifier to provide an optimum level of humidity and clean air quality. Many countries have very humid summers and dry winters. It is same as many regions in the similar latitude. A high humidity in the summer leaves you sweating and feeling uncomfortable, while a low humidity in the winter leaves your skin too dry. That’s why it combined humidifier and dehumidifier into a single product.

Designed by Kim Seungwoo


The tradition is reinterpreted by and applied to the modern world. The traditional Korean brazier inspired the design. Traditionally, it was used to heat and control the air of the surrounding, and created a comfortable place for people’s daily life. People had regarded the brazier as essential household goods.


It functions as both a humidifier and dehumidifier. It automatically recognizes the humidity in real time to dehumidify the air when the humidity is high and humidify the air when the humidity is low. To keep an optimum level of humidity, the water tank is used several times a day.

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