Trusted oral care & teeth whitening expert

Since 2007, Stella White has developed and perfected a wide selection of products that whitens teeth, maximizes oral hygiene and promotes cleaner and fresher mouthes without any cavities, bacteria and plaque. The high-quality products are available and trusted by consumers in over 24 countries.

Oral Care For Better Sleep

Snoring and Teeth Grinding

Sleep deprivation can have profound consequences on your physical health. Stella White is developing affordable solutions to improve the quality of sleep for people affected by teeth grinding or snoring.

Healthy Smiles

Innovating and improving

Your teeth are an essential part of your smile and Stella White believe in the amazing health benefits in smiling more and often. As one of the leaders in solutions for whitening teeth at home, we know the importance of convenience and value. Stella White will continue to improve and produce new innovative solutions available for the mass market.


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